Dianne's story...

Over thirty years ago Dianne Sherman had a Near Death Experience while in the recovery room after
knee surgery. This had a profound effect on her and changed her life forever. She was given  psychic
gifts and awareness that she could use to help others. It is important to her to let people know that
are all loved and never judged no matter what, and that death is not the end: it is a continuing
journey that is as sacred as birth.
Her work is to help you find the keys to your own joy.

She has had a practice for over 20 years working as a Spiritual Life Coach, Counselor and Healer, and is
also a Certified Mediator. She is passionate about inspiring self-love and appreciation.

Her gift of "
Clearsight" allows her to understand what you need to know and be able to communicate it
to you in a way that is clear, concise and loving. She is able to translate your higher-self information to
you which creates a bond between your outer and inner worlds and allows you to experience the
expansion. Her guidance helps to bridge the gaps in your evolution. If you are ready, she has the skills to
help you transform your life and create the joy, energy and freedom you want.

My gift is in being able to "see" your Divine Essence and mirror that back to you. My joy is in uplifting
your spirit, inspiring your dreams and transforming your life!
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by phone, Skype or in person for individuals or couples.
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