My Services Include...

My Spiritual Life Coaching will coach you in the direction of inspirational living. By that I mean living on purpose.
Realizing that there is so much more to you than what you "do" in life. This is coaching you to the bigger picture
of who you really are and what your inner being is directing you to. This is the part of you that gets excited
about your dreams and aspirations and sees the possibilities even if you don't have any idea of how to get
there. Here is where we open the door together to manifesting them.

My Intuitive Counseling will guide you to your highest potential and connection with your own inner knowing. I
become a bridge to your understanding with my ability to access information through mind/body/spirit. Armed
with enlightened information you are able to reclaim your power, expand your consciousness and transform
your life.

Vibrational Healing is the use of energy frequencies to facilitate your growth and healing on an emotional,
spiritual and physical level. Through the use of various modalities including sacred codes, breath and sacred
geometry I am able to help you clear painful blockages and deeper emotional issues at a cellular level which
may be hindering your growth and keeping you from realising your dreams.  
Please call 707.407.0309 or email for an appointment by phone, Skype or in person for individuals or couples.